Sunday Morning Classes

Sunday morning classes give individuals a great opportunity to study and learn with peer groups. Group discussions allow for a deeper understanding of scripture and a smaller group allows for more meaningful participation.
Auditorium Class

The auditorium class is frequented by more mature participants but is open to all adults. Right now one of our Elders, Eric Wharton, is leading the discussion.

Backroom Class

Chris Borland is leading this discussion class right now. This class is frequented by participants that are "Older than seniors in high school, but younger than seniors in life."All are welcome! Right now we're studying about Biblical conflict resolution.

Youth Group Class


The Youth Group class consists of students from 6th grade through 12 grade. While the age range is wide, this grouping allows for great discussion and the opportunities for older to mentor the younger ones. Chris Wheat is leading the class through the Bible Study Guide for All Ages!

Intermediate Class (3rd-5th grade)

We're very thankful for Sandi Saucedo who prepares to teach this age group every week without fail.

Elementary Class (K-2nd grade)

The Elementary class is for students Kindergarten through 2nd grade. Carmen and Kailey Moore (mother and daughter team) have been nurturing this special group of keen learners.

PreSchool (4 & 5 year olds)

This class has our four and five year old students. Right now Kristen Rowin and Martha Willis are teaching and guiding this age group with wisdom and gentleness.

Toddlers (2 & 3 year olds)

This class is for students from two to three years old. Julie Eubank and Jill Borland are taking care of these little ones with lots of singing and exciting Bible stories!

Cradle Roll Class

This class is for students from Birth through 2 years of age. Kayla Moore is helping the youngest of us begin to learn about Jesus.

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